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Simple, Available, Sustainable, Low-Emission,
Infrastructure Compatible Fuel

With its quiet, sootless combustion, high cetane rating, ultra-low emissions,
inexpensive LPG-like fueling system and high energy density, DME offers an array
of pathways to sustainable energy meeting the strictest emissions standards


Heating & Cooking


Mobility photo © 2017 Ron Jautz
Power photo courtesy WM International Engineering

Energy Carrier

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Meet the Experts

Those most involved in the development and commercialization of DME provide insight into what is driving interest in DME fuel applications worldwide and cover fundamental questions about its production, handling and use.

Back to the Future - Where it All Began

As interest in sustainable fuels and viable pathways to zero-emissions grows, the significant investment, exhaustive research and on-road evaluations done by an industry consortium led by Volvo bring into focus the compelling case for DME, the lowest well-to-wheel GHG emission fuel.


Oberon Fuels Awarded $2.9 Million Grant by State of California for First-Ever Production of Renewable DME in the United States

SAN DIEGO, 13 June 2019 | Oberon Fuels has been officially awarded a grant for $2.9 million from the California Energy Commission (CEC) for a first-of-its-kind, multi-phase project to produce the first renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) in the U.S. The project unlocks the near- and medium-term decarbonization benefits of rDME, an economical fuel and key step in the development of a California-based, renewable hydrogen (rH2) pathway to zero-emission mobility.

Ford DME Passenger Car Demonstrator and Project Results Revealed

BERLIN, 24 May 2019 | Results of the three-year xME Diesel Project presented to the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and delegates attending the DME Sustainable Mobility Workshop in Berlin demonstrate the significant reductions in CO2 and criteria emissions able to be achieved with DME in conventional compression ignition engines. The events included the display and demonstration of the world's first OEM-built DME passenger car, a 1.5 liter Ford Fusion/Mondeo.

Shell Joins Advanced Waste-to-Fuels & Chemicals Project

AMSTERDAM, 1 March 2019 | The industry consortium behind Europe's first advanced waste-to-chemicals and fuels facility has announced that Shell will join as a partner in the project. Shell joins Air Liquide, Enerkem, Nouryon and the Port of Rotterdam as an equity partner in the commercial-scale waste-to-chemicals (W2C) project, the first in Europe to convert non-recyclable waste into valuable biofuels and chemicals including DME.

Air Products and Chemicals, Pertamina and Bukit Asam Announce DME Joint Venture

JAKARTA, 16 January 2019 | Indonesian state-owned energy companies Pertamina and Bukit Asam have signed an agreement with Air Products and Chemicals for the establishment of a joint venture enabling the large-scale production of fuel-grade DME for domestic applications in the country, beginning in 2022.

BASF and Linde Announce Commercialization Plans for CO2-to-DME Production Process

LUDWIGSHAFEN, 10 January 2019 | BASF Chairman Martin Brudermüller outlined plans for scale-up and commercialization of technology developed in collaboration with Linde enabling a novel one-step route for DME production from syngas. The new concept represents a major breakthrough that offers numerous commercial possibilities for energy-efficient, low-emission and cost-effective scaled production of DME and olefins using CO2 as a feedstock. The process represents a complete CO2-to-fuel cycle and allows for a higher than 50% reduction in CO2 emissions in the production of DME.

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