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Information, insight and network building with industry stakeholders and experts

Ford Global Powertrain R&A Engineering Director Andreas Schamel
DME Sustainable Mobility Workshop | Aachen

DME Briefing Series

The IDA's free online series provides an excellent opportunity to learn, and stay informed about, current developments related to DME production, technology, logistics, components, specifications and legislation for all applications. The high-value one hour briefings from DME producers, project and technology developers, experts, strategists and stakeholders cover current developments across the entire industry value chain and in dynamic related areas, including renewable methanol, renewable DME and LPG/propane-DME blending, where some of the most compelling commercial opportunities are being pursued.


Ford Transit
Monovalent and bivalent (DME/Diesel) optimized DME concept vehicle

Pathways to Clean Fuels - From Research to Road
23 - 24 November 2021

The joint final event of both the C3-Mobility and REDIFUEL projects, along with a report from the ongoing LONGRUN project, features two updates on DME-related research and development in addition to numerous presentations reporting on work involving the utilization of other renewable feedstocks, sustainable fuels, high-efficiency engines and drivelines.

On day 2 of the free online event Rebecca Groen (SHV Energy) and Stefan Schmidt (Primagas) will provide information on plans for the production and distribution of rDME, while Werner Willems (Ford Motor Company) will give an update on the company's work on DME applications for light commercial vehicles as part of the C3-Mobility project.

There is no cost to register for the event.


4th International DME Conference | Stockholm

9th International DME Conference (DME 9)
15 - 17 June 2022

The industry's flagship event provides a comprehensive look at developments worldwide connected with DME's production, commercialization and use, with a special emphasis on investments being made now to enable and support renewable DME (rDME) production capacity, infrastructure, regulations and standards. 

Supported by FPT Industrial and the Swiss Federal Technology Laboratories (Empa), the event will take place in Zurich and the nearby Empa-Akademie, with a program that includes an international conference, LPG-DME blend workshop, vehicle display and optional site visit program to facilities involved in FPT Industrial's DME project.


Previous Events

Content available online to IDA members

World Methanol Conference
November 2020 | Online

IHS Markit's annual event included an update by IDA Senior Vice President for Renewable Energy Rebecca Groen on DME developments worldwide, with an emphasis on the opportunities being pursued with renewable DME to defossilize vital off-grid energy applications.

FLEDGED Project Final Report
October 2020 | Online

A webinar series marking the conclusion of the FLEDGED project featured presentations on the technical, techno-economic and strategic aspects of the project and on where novel routes for rDME and green methanol synthesis from biomass and industrial waste streams can lead

World LPG Association Innovation for Growth Summit
February 2020 | Washington, DC
Rebecca Boudreaux of Oberon Fuels and Rebecca Groen of SHV Energy joined LPG industry leaders to discuss renewable propane, and the new markets and applications enabled when two versatile fuels with much in common come together.

DME Sustainable Mobility Workshop
May 2019 | Berlin
Results of the xME project led by Ford and the FVV, the display and demonstration of the world's first OEM-built DME-powered passenger vehicle (Ford Mondeo), and updates from powertrain, fuel, power and equipment industry stakeholders.

8th International DME Conference
September 2018 | Sacramento, California
Legislative efforts in California facilitating the use of sustainable low-carbon fuels made Sacramento a natural venue for DME 8, which included industry updates, workshops on DME powertrain and component standardization initiatives, and display of a DME-diesel genset.

International Vienna Motor Symposium
May 2019 | Vienna
Results from the xME project were presented by Ford to more than one thousand decision-makers from the global automotive engineering industry gathered to hear about the latest developments in engine development, renewable fuels and CO2 reduction.

DME Sustainable Mobility Workshop
March 2018 | Aachen
A workshop at Ford Motor Company's European Research and Innovation Center brought together representatives from the powertrain, fuel, power and components industries to share information and discuss the opportunities and business case that DME presents for sustainable, ultra-low emission transportation.

CIS Gas Monetisation Conference
April 2018 | Moscow
In a year that saw the inauguration of two DME production plants in the CIS region, DME was represented at the annual GBC conference exploring gas conversion, utilization and monetization options with an emphasis on the CIS region, home to some of the world's largest planned gas and petrochemical projects.

Bloomberg Future of Energy Summit
April 2015 | New York
Rebecca Boudreaux of Oberon Fuels briefed the invitation-only gathering of senior executives, investors and policy makers driving the transition to cleaner energy, in a program that included UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, former US VP Al Gore, and UN Special Envoy for Cities & Climate Change Michael Bloomberg.

6th International DME Conference
October 2014 | San Diego, California
In addition to the international conference, the 6th edition of the industry's flagship event featured a DME vehicle and dispenser display, a site visit to North America’s first DME fuel production facility, DME Tutorial, and workshops on LPG and Standardization.

Vail Global Energy Forum
March 2014 | Beaver Creek, Colorado
DME-related updates by Volvo Group Executive VP Dennis Slagle, IDA Chairman Emeritus Theo Fleisch, and Rebecca Boudreaux of Oberon Fuels were features of the annual event organized by Stanford's Precourt Institute for Energy, with other presentations by Google VP Energy and ARPA-E Founding Director Arun Majumdar and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

World CTL Conference
April 2008 | Paris
Jean-Alain Taupy, IDA Chair and Senior Business Development executive for Total, provided an overview of the strategic drivers, including the desire for energy independence, that lie behind the dynamic development of coal-to-liquids projects, and the significant increase in DME production capacity in some regions.